Salsaman Franky Chief Salsa Instructor

Franky Wong, director of Fun4u Productions Ltd. since 1998, specializing Salsa teaching and party organizations  As one of the major players, Franky established Hong Kong Salsa scene since 2000. With thousands and thousands of students graduating and some become instructors locally, Franky's passion has been growing!!!!  Franky is good with Salsa on1 & on2 and Rueda de Casino.  To meet Franky and his team, join Fun4u 3 levels of Salsa -- Advance / Intermediate / Beginner every Tuesday at Danzstage Studio 20/f., 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau.

Bachata Amigo Simon Fung

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Dave Vainqueur Kizomba

One of the famous comtemporary Kizomba and Cuban instructors from France.  Dave is multi-talented althleles.  He is not only famous in dancing, but also a very successful Hong Kong Professional Ruby coach as well as body trainer. 

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