About Salsaman Franky & Fun4u Team


Salsaman Franky

also known as Salsaman , is the Artistic Director of Fun4u Productions as well as one of the key Hong Kong(HK) salsa scene builders.  Salsaman trains, teaches organizes and hosts all kinds of Salsa parties ~ events ~ festivals.


As the first generation HK Salsa instructor, Salsaman and Salsa Chris (Partner) travel world-wide and share what's new to the HK Salsa community.

Salsa Chris

What Also know as Chris Wong was one of the first Salseras who built the Hong Kong Salsa scene.  Chris learned and trained by many top Salsa instructors from Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and New York, USA.  Her talents soon be noticed and shared via performing in HK, Taiwan, Singapore.  As of now, Chris focus in training lady dance technique & Style.  If you like to be one of the Fun4u team teaching assistants.  Welcome aboard.

Felix Shu

Felix is one of the early Fun4u performing team members (Salsa Dynamics).  With years of training, Felix also assists in teaching and Fun4u Administrations.  In addition, Felix is also a feature singer for Famous Band "Dirty Boogie" in Hong Kong. 

Coan Kee

Coan Kee, partner of Felix, Salsa Dynamic member, performed at Singapore Salsa Festival.  Now she is sharing what she knows and best to Tuesday Salsa Class students. Coan has super good travel knowledge and hobby in body tattoos.

Maggie Lin

Maggie Lin is one of the most active HK Salseras who learned boardly from various world top Salsa artists.  At present, Maggie is one of the teaching assistants at Fun4u Classes every Tuesday.

Fanny Leung

Fanny is also Fun4u Salsa Dynamic member, and class teaching assistant.  She is also the chief marketing supervisor of the fun4u Productions.

Paulina Shiu

Paulina was a active Salsera who at the HK Salsa festival.  She is also one of the teaching assistants at the Fun4u Productions on Tuesday Salsa Class.

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